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LNG Japan is proactively undertaking the capital investment required to deliver LNG to customers.
We are developing LNG liquefaction facilities in LNG-producing countries, LNG tankers that transport LNG by sea, onshore and offshore unloading facilities, as well as LNG container transportation in consuming countries, and revaporized gas transmission pipeline projects.


LNG Japan has supplied LNG to Japan's electric power and gas companies since the 1970s.
Through our 40 years of experience in LNG trading, we have developed a track record in investment in LNG plant, LNG tankers and LNG receiving terminals.
In regard to LNG tankers in particular, we own 20 vessels and have experience in the ship charter business.


Transportation project for Bali (BIS)

We acquired a 4.8% share of the BIS in April 2016, and joined this project.
The vessel TRIPUTRA owned by BIS, is engaged in LNG transportation within Indonesia (between Bontang and Bali)

LNG vessels with which we have been involved

  • LNG Aquarius (125,000m3

    LNG Aries (125,000m3

    LNG Libra (125,000m3

    LNG Capricorn (125,000m3

    LNG Taurus (125,000m3

    LNG Flora (125,000m3

    LNG Vesta (125,000m3

    LNG Leo (125,000m3

    LNG Virgo (125,000m3

  • LNG Gemini (125,000m3

    BanshuMaru (125,000m3

    BishuMaru (125,000m3

    SenshuMaru (125,000m3

    Point Fortine (155,000m3

    Dwiputra (125,000m3

    Surya Aki (19,100m3

    TRIPUTRA (22,500m3

Currently owned by LNG Japan