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Project Developer

Indonesia LNG Project

Indonesia is world-leading LNG exporting country. LNG JAPAN has been deeply involved since the initial stages of this LNG project, having first taken an interest in the Indonesian natural gas, soon after the early 1970’s oil crisis spurred Japan to seek alternative fuel to oil.

The feasibility study revealed the natural gas reserves sufficient to develop an extensive LNG project. Later, in 1973, PT Pertamina (Persero) and a consortium of five different Japanese electric, gas, and steel companies signed a long- term sales contract for an annual 7.47 million tons per year of LNG to be delivered from Indonesia to Japan.

We take pride in our significant contributions to this project from its inception onward, including contract negotiations, marketing, financing, and management of subcontracted services.

LNG JAPAN has worked as project coordinator for over 40 years, operating as import agent for 6 different buyers under two contracts and helping to secure a steady supply of LNG for Japan.