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For a country with relatively limited natural resources like Japan, securing safe, stable and reliable energy sources such as gas and oil is essential to maintain a sound economy. To achieve this, Japan has developed its LNG import trade over the years, converting natural gas discovered overseas into liquid form and transporting the LNG (liquefied natural gas) using marine transit. We, LNG JAPAN, have been a leading company in this field for more than 40 years since arranging the first LNG cargo delivery from Indonesia to Japan around the dawn of the LNG business in the 1970s, and have strived to create an environmentally friendly and prosperous society.

The LNG industry is rapidly changing. Because of growing world energy consumption centered on emerging nations, and of growing global concern on environmental issues and safety, demand for LNG is increasing and market needs are diversifying. Many new projects are in development across the world, including those which produce unconventional gases made available through dramatic technological advancements. Alongside this natural gas production, LNG is expected to play an increasingly important role in supporting world energy needs.

Taking advantage of our accumulated expertise, we are working to establish a business model which can respond the increasing globalization of the LNG industry. LNG business comprises a series of processes that include upstream development, liquefaction, transportation, and unloading at receiving terminals. Here at LNG JAPAN, we are expanding our business portfolio to encompass this full LNG value chain.